ALWAG contributes to the preservation of the environment in the region. When the plant was built, the system for purificaton water waste was also built, so that the water after washing PET flakes, trough special flow goes to the purifier and thus purified returns to the production.


Serbia annually cast 60,000 tons of PET packaging, and in the recycling ends only 12 -15%. Therefore, our task is to increase people's awareness about the importance of recycling.


In addition to saving energy and raw material resources, ALWAG indirectly employs another 200 workers in the process of collecting, sorting and baling PET packaging waste. We have developed a wide network of collectors, including public utility companies and private companies, but due to lack of raw materials on the territory of Serbia, we began to import it from neighboring countries.


ALWAG is a member of the Serbian Association of Recyclers of packaging waste and member of the Recyclers' Society of Serbia, which aims are to protect the environment by encouraging the circular economy and the continuous development of new technologies for waste managment.