ALWAG company was founded in 2011 and based in Nova Gajdobra (Serbia) with the goal of organizing the recycling of PET packaging. In the next two years the great efforts are invested to build and implemet plant, in order to began with production in late 2013. Entering in entirely new market brought many challenges for ALWAG company, which increasingly contributes to the development of this young industry in Serbia.


Project ALWAG is based on the production of PET flakes which as the final product are exported to Italy, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and other Western European countries. The company’s goal is to attracts foreign partners with whom after a while would start the next phase of the process PET recycling.



  • Majority owner
  • Headquarter in Gajdobra, Serbia
  • Leading manufacturer of electrical installation material in Balkan region
  • Production of 1,200,000 units per month
  • 280 employees
  • Headquarter in Vienna, Austria
  • One of the leading facility management service providers operating in CEE, as well as collecting and recycling waste materials
  • Over 2900 employees in 7 countries